Friday, June 14, 2013

Plumbing Myths that Cost You Big Money

Conventional "wisdom" with plumbing is one of those things that may be costing you big -- you just don't realize it. You may be guilty of some of these seemingly good ideas, which may sound great but can actually be harming your home's plumbing system. Here are some common myths about home plumbing systems and what to do instead.

1. Putting Lemons in Your Garbage Disposal Makes it Smell Better

Sure, putting lemons down your garbage disposal will give you a temporarily fresh smell, but the truth is that citric acid is corroding the metal in your disposal! A much safer and more effective option is using ice to polish up the blades in your disposal. While it's loud, it works like a rock tumbler that polishes rocks. You can then power wash the scum away from your drain without running your disposal.

2. In-Tank Cleaners Keep Your Toilet Clean

Those in-tank cleaners are supposed to make chores a breeze and reduce the time you spend scrubbing the toilets. What actually happens is these cleaners simply bleach the build-up on your toilet without removing it, and the build-up will eventually cause problems and have you running to the nearest professional plumber in Corona. The trick is to use vinegar down the overflow tube instead, which actually removes that build-up for a lot less money.

3. Running Water While Using the Disposal Helps

It seems like a great idea: allow the water to run while you use the garbage disposal to make sure the waste drains. Who hasn't done this? Actually, following the waste with faucet water doesn't help a blockage that forms. A better way to do it is filling your sink with 4:1 water to waste, allowing the waste to separate and flow down better.

4. Everything is Working if Everything Goes Down the Drain

Just because it's out of sight does not mean it should be out of mind. Many foods like rice and pasta will bloat with water once they're in your pipes, causing blockages and clogs that prevent water from passing through. Without enough water to rinse it away, waste will also build up in your pipes. Always use toilets, showers and sinks the right way. Fill basins with faucet water before draining and use a hair screen in your shower to prevent hair clogs.

5. Water Pressure Regulators Always Work

Water pressure regulators are important, but you can't always trust their readings. Make sure you check your water pressure on your own because high pressure is a huge cause of leaks and continuously running toilets.

6. Soap Won't Hurt Fixtures

Be careful not to leave soap and water on your fixtures or faucets, which causes corrosion, peeling and bubbling. Wipe your fixtures after every use as soap will actually void lifetime warranties.

7. All Plumbers Know What They Are Doing

Unfortunately, just because a plumber has this title does not mean they know what they are doing or are properly licensed. All plumbers should continue receiving education and additional certificates. If the plumber you choose installs something improperly, you'll need to call someone else to fix it. Use the state boards, BBB and online reviews to make sure you're hiring a qualified, licensed Corona plumber before you make that call.


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