Saturday, June 1, 2013

How a Small Leak Can Cost You Big

Most homeowners see a small leak in their home as a minor inconvenience and, possibly, a problem that can be put off until a more convenient time. The truth is small leaks are very serious problems that will not take care of themselves but only get worse over time. While you have no choice but immediately getting a broken faucet fixed, you may not be so quick to call a Corona plumber when you notice a small drip from your ceiling after the rain or a drip under your sink. This can come back to bite you!

1. Slow, Serious Damage to Your Home

The first way a small leak will end up costing you big is through the damage it does to your floors, walls and everything else it touches over the course of months. This damage can easily cost thousands by the time you notice and fix the problem!

2. Mold Issues

Small leaks in your home also lead to mold, a serious health hazard that can put someone you love in the hospital. If you allow the problem to go on, it may cost you thousands to have the mold professionally and safely removed once the leak is fixed and it will make your home impossible to sell until it's taken care of.

3. Poor Plumbing Performance

Finally, you may notice poor performance with your plumbing system if you have a leak. While this is the least of your problems, reduced water pressure can be a pain when you need to wash dishes or take a shower.

If you have a small leak in your home, realize that it will only get worse and bigger the longer it's ignored. As soon as possible, make that call to the professional plumbers at Inland Empire Plumbing to have the problem identified and fixed right away. You'll end up saving money in the long run and enjoying the peace of mind that comes with taking care of a small issue before it gets serious.

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