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Detecting Underground Leaks in Ontario

Did you know even a tiny leak can waste 250,000 gallons of water in only three months and add over $200 to your water bill? Leaks don't just occur at your facuets and toilets, either; underground leaks can quickly become one of the costliest problems, creating thousands of dollars in property damage if undetected. There are plenty of professional plumbers operating in Ontario, California who can fix the problem, although many use old-fashioned leak detection methods that take more time and cost you more money. It's important to work with a plumber like Inland Empire Plumbing who uses modern electronic techniques for quick detection and fast repairs.

Leaks in your underground plumbing can be caused by many things, including stray electric currents from utilities that cause premature rust on piping, driving over the pipes with heavy equipment, poor installation, freezing and thawing, leaking joints and simple rust from aging pipes.

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Signs You Have an Underground Leak

  • Water pooling on the lawn or wet spots in landscaped areas of your yard
  • A single spot that's greener, mossier, softer or moldier than the rest of the lawn
  • A noticeable drop in your water pressure
  • Sudden issues with rusty or dirty water
  • An irrigated area suddenly turning brown or dying
  • Cracked pavement
  • Sink holes
  • A structure on your property is leaning
  • Sudden spike in water use or water bills that are climbing steadily for no reason

Checking for an Underground Leak

Unfortunately, most people don't realize they have a leak until they see their water bill climbing for no reason. You may realize there's a leak in your water line if you have copper pipes as well, as copper is a very good conductor of sound and the faucets in your home act as small amplifiers.

Start by checking all of the valves in your house to ensure nothing is running, even a small trickle. Check the toilets and hose faucets in particular as many toilets run without any notice. Turn the toilets off at the supply stop and, if you notice this stops the problem, you'll simply need to contact a plumber in Ontario, California to tune up your plumbing system.

Finally, inspect your entire home for any signs of water damage, including under sinks, your water heater and dishwasher. Pay careful attention to the floors, walls and ceilings as well to spot moisture. If none of these steps turned up a problem, it's time to contact a leak detection professional.

How the Leak is Isolated

If you want, try to isolate the leak before the plumber arrives to fix the problem. Start by turning off your main water cut-off valve, which may be neaer your water heater or outside of the house. This shuts off all water to your home. Test it by opening a faucet to remove the pressure and drain it until the water stops flowing. Now listen carefully. If you don't hear any water running, the leak is probably under the floors of the house.

If you still hear water running, it's probably a leak in the water main which runs under the ground between your main water cut-off valve and the water meter. Walk along the ground where you believe the water lines run and look for wet areas in the ground or even a spot where you see water bubbling up.

Contact Inland Empire Plumbing Today

At Inland Empire Plumbing, our licensed plumbers specialize in diagnosing and repairing underground leaks, including slab leaks. We use modern electronic detection equipment to quickly pinpoint the leak without the time-consuming and ineffective "listen, hit and miss" approach. Our extensive experience in underground leak detection can save thousands by finding and fixing the problem before it causes unnecessary damage to your property.

Contact the experienced professionals at Inland Empire Plumbing today to save water and money and avoid expensive repairs in the future!

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