Monday, February 25, 2013

3 Ideas for a Great Bathroom Remodel

While your bathrooms are probably the smallest rooms in your home, they're also the most used (along with your kitchen) and they're the best place to get the highest return on investment. Most people today aren't just looking for a functional and practical bathroom but a comfortable sanctuary to escape the stress and just relax.

Your bathroom remodeling plans may be very basic -- such as switching out the toilet -- or even redoing the entire plumbing to install a new walk-in shower or soaking tub. Here are some things to keep in mind as you get your project underway -- and how a great plumber in Rancho Cucamonga can help!

Replacing the toilet?

If you're going to replace the toilet, make sure you carefully inspect the flooring underneath to look for water damage. You may not have realized it, but a leaking toilet could have been working its magic on the subflooring for years. It's important to have someone install new subflooring if this is the case before a new toilet is installed.

When it comes to installing a toilet, many homeowners think they can do it themselves but make one or two small mistakes that can lead to disaster down the road. For instance, over-tightening the bolts during installation can crack the base and a new wax seal must be installed before the seating is in place. Avoid these problems by hiring a professional plumber to install your new toilet for you.

Want a shower for two?

Showers build for two are all the rage today in master baths, most of which have dual showerheads and controls on each wall so two people can comfortably shower at once. Some people even choose to install an overhead rain showerhead in the center for a truly luxurious shower experience, or a build-in bench. Did you know a plumbing company like Inland Empire Plumbing can help you design and then install the shower of your dreams?

Updating your vanity?

The vanity in your bathroom is really the focal point and sets the theme for your whole bathroom. If you want a bathroom remodel that wows, think about replacing a boring and practical vanity with something more stylish. If you're getting a single vanity, you can easily afford to get fancy with marble countertops and high quality dark wood, or you can attach your vanity to the wall for a modern floating design to open up a small space. Either way, a great plumber can help you install a new vanity and take care of any changes to the plumbing that will make it work.

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