Thursday, February 7, 2013

8 Most Common Plumbing Problems in Riverside

Residential plumbing repair is one of the most common yet annoying issues every homeowner faces at some point, whether it's a clogged drain or a water heater that's starting to leak. The most common problems are actually issues you can fix yourself with a little know-how and the right tools, although most people would rather rely on a local plumber in Riverside to tackle the problem.

Here are the 10 most common household plumbing problems in Riverside that you'll probably face at some point.

1. Clogged drains

Clogged sinks are used so often that it's rather easy for them to become clogged. Sinks in a kitchen clog more often than bathroom sinks as they're involved with preparing food, although the sink in your bathroom can get clogged with hair from shaving. Clogged drains, including clogs in the toilet and shower, can usually be avoided as long as you're careful about what goes down the drain.

2. No hot water

This is the most common reason homeowners call up a plumber and may sometimes be fixed without calling a professional. If you have a gas powered water heater, check to make sure the pilot light is lit. Next, make sure the temperature setting is high enough to give you enough hot water and determine if your water heater is actually big enough for the house. This problem is most common in new homes.

3. Dripping faucet

If the faucet in your bathroom or kitchen is dripping, it may be caused by worn-out washers in the faucet. This is a fairly and affordable fix, although you should take care in the future to avoid turning off your faucet too hard to extend the life of the new washers.

4. Leaking water pipe

This issue can cause a great deal of property damage, whether it's inside the home or underground. Signs of a leak include mold or mildew, standing water in the basement, a warm spot on your floor if your home sits on a slab and unexplained rises in your water or electric bill. Leaking pipes need to be fixed as soon as possible to avoid expensive damage to your foundation, belongings, flooring or ceilings so you should hire a plumber that specializes in leak detection for this job.

5. Running toilet

Toilets that are running usually have a humming noise and water will continue to run in the bowl long after it's been flushed. This issue can be taken care of rather easily by a plumber as it indicates there's a single part of the toilet that needs to be replaced.

6. Leaking toilet

Did you know a leaking toilet can cost you $100 in water costs each year? This problem can often be fixed by replacing the rubber gaskets and spud washer, although it can require a more complicated repair job.

7. Installing a new faucet

While some DIYers prefer to install their own faucets, some simply prefer calling a plumber to handle the job. Most plumbers will guarantee their work so you won't have to panic if you run into problems after installing it yourself.

8. Problems with a garbage disposal

Like all household appliances, your garbage disposal will occasionally stop working properly or give out. Many stop running after they trip the circuit breaker, often when something has caused the appliance to overheat. You can usually fix this issue by hitting the red button under the unit under your sink. Other common garbage disposal problems include leaks and obstructions under the blades.

Image credit: Maegan Tintari at Flickr


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