Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pex Piping vs Copper Piping: Which is the best?

PEX piping has been used for years in radiant heating systems but this flexible tubing is now becoming a very popular choice for residential water supply lines because it's easy to work with, it's made from a superior material and there are fewer joints, which leads to a reduced risk of problems down the road. So, what is PEX piping really and is it truly a better option than copper? This is a question you'll want to ask yourself if you're considering repiping service from a professional plumber in Fontana or anywhere else.

What is PEX Piping?

PEX piping is cross-linked polyethylene pipe. It's able to withstand extreme tempetures without cracking as well as creep deformation from long-term stress. It also holds up very well to chemicals that may be in your water supply. PEX is a great choice for both hot and cold water lines, especially because it's so flexible and easy to install.

PEX has become one of the most popular plumbing materials among professionals because it's easy to install, flexible, has fewer joints to leak and it won't crack in the cold weather. Rather than using solder or glue, it's asembled with a barbed fitting and crimping ring which offers a watertight seal

PEX Piping vs Copper Piping

Copper piping has been used for decades and it was originally thought that it would last as long as the structure did, although we now know this isn't true. Copper is fairly flexible and durable and it's much easier to install than the old iron pipes. It also resists bacterial growth, corrosion and damage from UV rays so it can be used outside. PEX piping, on the other hand, is sensitive to UV rays.

While it's resistant to corrosion, copper pipes will eventually corrode from water with a pH that's too basic or too acidic. Copper has also become very expensive and copper pipes will freeze and break during the winter if you live in an area with extreme colds. Along with the high price of copper comes a more expensive repiping job as each joint of the copper pipes must be soldered.

While copper and PEX both have their advantages, many homeowners appreciate the benefits that a new PEX system can offer, especially those living in cold environments who are tired of dealing with leaking pipes every spring. To learn more about repiping and the advantages of PEX piping, contact the professionals at Inland Empire Plumbing.

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