Sunday, August 11, 2013

August in National Water Quality Month

Without water, life would not be possible, and entire ecosystems depend on this precious resource to survive. While the United Nations has declared 2005 through 2015 an International Decade for Action "Water for Life," the United States has declared August as National Water Quality Month.

This month is a time to remember that water quality is necessary for the survival of our entire race and without it, none of us could survive. This life-sustaining resource must be protected to ensure cleanliness, so it's a good time to learn more about how you can do your part to protect your city's water supply.

Installing Backflow Preventers

When you turn on your faucet, you expect your water to be safe for consumption, not dirty or contaminated. Unfortunately, backflow can happen if there is a sudden drop in your home's water pressure. Backflow is when used water is pulld back into your water main, which contaminates your clean water. A backflow preventer can ensure your home's water is always safe and clean by sealing shut when the pressure drops to prevent contamination.

UV Water Purifiers

Ultraviolet germicidal water purifiers are definitely one of the most important innovations in water quality control. Water supplies are at a serious risk of bacterial infection, and even major metropolitan areas have experienced outbreaks. A professional Corona plumber can install a UV water purifier to give you peace of mind and ensure your water supply stays fresh.

Testing Your Home's Water

If you want to test your home's water quality, you can buy a test kit from a home center or online that contains strips that react to the presence of many contaminants, including lead, bacteria, pesticides, nitrites or nitrates, chlorine, and pH. While these at-home kits aren't very accurate and don't test for everything, they can help you flag a problem.

Recommendations from Clean Water Action

  • Avoid antibacterial soaps or cleaning products
  • Do not flush unwanted medication down your drain
  • Do not put anything except water down storm drains
  • Fix leaks from cars and put a liner on your driveway to collect oil
  • Avoid pesticides and chemical fertilizers
  • Use nontoxic household products
  • Pick up after your pets

If you're concerned about your own water quality, contact a professional plumber at Inland Empire Plumbing today. We can help you install water softeners, water conditioners to remove physical contaminants and offer germicidal protection, backflow preventers, UV water purifiers to reduce the risk of bacterial infection and much more.

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