Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Common DIY Plumbing Projects You Shouldn't Try On Your Own

It can definitely be tempting to try and fix a plumbing problem on your own. If you're a licensed plumber, that's a great idea, but if you don't completely understand your home's plumbing system, you may just be in over your head. Here's a look at a few common DIY plumbing jobs that you should avoid.

Plugged Drain

Drains clogged with hair or something else that's pretty easy to fix are good projects to do on your own. Sometimes, though, the problem is serious enough that it's backing up drains throughout your home, and this is when it's time to contact a professional plumber in Upland. In this case, the issue is not just hair stuck in the drain and it will require professional equipment, experience and possibly even pipe replacement.


Dishwashers may seem like an easy job, although there's more work involved than most homeowners think. Not only must the dishwasher be installed under a cabinet near your sink, you also have to ensure all water and drainage lines are installed properly and work well. A simple mistake here will lead to a leaking mess that will cost you a bundle to have repaired by a professional.


If you need to replace pipes in your home, leave it to a professional Upland plumber. It might seem simple enough to replace a length of pipe, but you might not notice leaks until it's too late. This is especially true of pipe replacements behind walls in your home.

Water Heaters and Water Treatment Systems
Both water treatment systems and water heaters are always best left to professionals. With a water heater, you may have gas lines to connect in addition to water lines, while water treatment systems require altering water lines as they enter your home. A simple mistake here and you'll end up with no water coming into your house.

While DIY plumbing projects can be a great way to save money and pick up some new skills, they can also quickly lead to disaster. Plumbing work is often messy and complicated, and may involve cutting into your home's drywall, cutting pipes and soldering new connections. You'll need the right tools and skills or even a simple project will become more time-consuming and expensive than just hiring an Upland plumber to begin with.

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